Saffron Candy


Another recipe bounced from the upcoming Cook Book

Spice…Neither did our infinite appetite here consist contented with things necessary, but something yet was wanting to add voluptuous delight. Wherefore wanton appetite growing weary of Nature’s bare and simple ordinary, began glycurously to banquet with all sorts of Spices and Aromatic delicates. Henry Buttes


A beautiful but sticky indulgence.



* 1 tbsp of saffron

* 1 tsp rose water

* ½ cup of honey


1) Mix honey and rose water together.

2) Bring pan to medium heat.

3) Pour honey mixture into pan.

4) Sprinkle saffron on top of honey, then stir.

5) Bring mixture up to 255° F, or to hard crack stage.

6) Pour out onto non-stick surface to cool.

7) Break into chunks to serve.

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