I have taken a break from this blog while I finish editing on my Henry Buttes book for 5 River’s Publishing. This recipe didn’t make the cut but I thought it was fun:

Butter Fried Bacon

To frie Bakon. Take Bacon and slice it very thinne, and cut awaye the leane, and bruse it with the backe of your knife, and fry it in sweet Butter, and serue it. The Good Housewife’s Jewell, 1596


This is no reason to do this recipe except the perverse need to see if you can improve on bacon. It’s not bad, layering of different types of animal fat complicates the flavour. 



* 1 large slice of pork belly

* 1 tsp of butter


1) Slice pork belly thinly with sharp knife.

2) Heat cast iron skillet to medium.

3) Add butter to melt.

4) Fry the slices of bacon in butter until they are crispy on both sides.

5) Lay on paper towel to absorb moisture.

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