Preserved Walnuts


This is one of the recipes dropped from the upcoming book. Took good to bury.

Preserved Walnuts

To preserve Orenges, Lemmons, and Pomecitrons. First shave your Orenges finely, and put them into water two dayes and two nights, changing your water three times a day then perboyle them in three severall waters, then take so much water as you think convenient for the quantity of your orenges then put in for every pound of Orenges, one pound & a half of sugar into the water, and put in two whites of Egs & beat them altogither, then set them on the fire in a brasse vessel, and when they boile, scum them very clean, and cleane them through a Jellye bag then set it on the fire & put in the orenges. Use walnuts in like manner and use Lemmons & Pomecitrons in like sort, but they must lye in water but one night. A Book of Cookery, 1591


This preserve is nice spread on cheese or even waffles. Once opened keep in fridge, it goes badspoils quickly once you open it.



* 1 cup of shelled walnuts (whole or pieces)

* 2 cups of sugar

* 2 egg whites


1) Soak the walnuts in water for one day, changing water frequently.

2) Strain walnuts and then roughly dry them off with a towel to remove skins.

3) Whisk together 2 cups of water, 2 egg whites, and 2 cups of sugar in a sauce pan and bring to boil, stirring constantly.

4) Pour mixture through wire strainer to remove egg whites.

5) Add walnuts and bring mixture to boil again, stirring frequently.

6) Boil fruit mixture for 5 minutes.

7) Store Pour nuts and syrup mixture  into hot, sterile jars, seal and store in a cool, dry place.


Saffron Candy


Another recipe bounced from the upcoming Cook Book

Spice…Neither did our infinite appetite here consist contented with things necessary, but something yet was wanting to add voluptuous delight. Wherefore wanton appetite growing weary of Nature’s bare and simple ordinary, began glycurously to banquet with all sorts of Spices and Aromatic delicates. Henry Buttes


A beautiful but sticky indulgence.



* 1 tbsp of saffron

* 1 tsp rose water

* ½ cup of honey


1) Mix honey and rose water together.

2) Bring pan to medium heat.

3) Pour honey mixture into pan.

4) Sprinkle saffron on top of honey, then stir.

5) Bring mixture up to 255° F, or to hard crack stage.

6) Pour out onto non-stick surface to cool.

7) Break into chunks to serve.



I have taken a break from this blog while I finish editing on my Henry Buttes book for 5 River’s Publishing. This recipe didn’t make the cut but I thought it was fun:

Butter Fried Bacon

To frie Bakon. Take Bacon and slice it very thinne, and cut awaye the leane, and bruse it with the backe of your knife, and fry it in sweet Butter, and serue it. The Good Housewife’s Jewell, 1596


This is no reason to do this recipe except the perverse need to see if you can improve on bacon. It’s not bad, layering of different types of animal fat complicates the flavour. 



* 1 large slice of pork belly

* 1 tsp of butter


1) Slice pork belly thinly with sharp knife.

2) Heat cast iron skillet to medium.

3) Add butter to melt.

4) Fry the slices of bacon in butter until they are crispy on both sides.

5) Lay on paper towel to absorb moisture.